snake banner, P.I. (sallybanner) wrote in rosebudisasled,
snake banner, P.I.

first post

rosebud is a sled, darth vader is luke skywalker's dad, bruce willis is a ghost, the reason no one can remember their kids in the forgotten is because aliens stole them and modified everyone's memories as an experiment, in wild things the swamp trash girl isn't really dead and kevin bacon's character is in on it too but she kills him AND matt dillon and takes all the money and the only person who knows about it is bill murray, the village is actually just a bunch of modern day weirdoes who wanted to escape the violence of city life and the monsters arent real, they are just people dressed up to scare the kids into never ever leaving, at the end of the good son the mom picks elijah wood to save instead of her own evil kid, that culkin guy, burgess meredith breaks his glasses and can't read any of the books, dill is actually a man, nicole kidman is also a ghost and so are her kids and her husband and her servants and the people she thinks are ghosts are actually living people, nemo's dad finds him and they go home.
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